Over ears, Closed back

it's over ear, uses sheepskin earpads designed for Audio Technica MX0 series headphones

The earpads are pretty shallow but the baffle is a recessed waveguide that gives a bit more space where most people's ears protrude most. and I can offer some slightly deeper alternative pads with similar tuning for anyone who has comfort issues. 

the earholes are slightly small looking, but the cavity is beveled instead of flat walled so there's a little more space than it looks like at first. Dub can comment more about comfort but he did mention yesterday that it was solid so far for him


One-Step Airflow

With Mini, we’re leaving frontwave air pressure exhaust to one variable alone - open cell foam earpads. The lighter the foam, the sharper the transient profile and the leaner the tone - and vice versa. Unlike other headphones that utilize a similar front airflow scheme, Mini’s extended solid baffle reinforces frontwave directivity, creating unprecedented subsonic bass extension and abysmally low odd-order harmonic distortion for an electrodynamic supraaural headphone.


Direct Driver Manipulation

For backwave control, we’ve implemented a novel damping solution using several filters of varying acoustic impedance. These manipulate the behavior of the driver in divided segments across the 12 ports on the rear of its frame. We exhaustively tested over 5000 iterations of this system, adjusting densities of filtration and airflow pathways to optimize the tonal linearity and imaging of Mini with a degree of sonic control greater than previously possible.






Value + Precision

Due to the simplicity of Mini’s design, we’re able to assemble much higher quantities in shorter times and with greater consistency than we ever have in the past. This- along with the utilization of OEM parts including the foldable headband and earpads - makes us proud to offer Mini at an entry-level price.