The State of the Market

Quality headphones are too expensive and don’t always sound unequivocally superior to cheaper mainstays of yesteryear. Big names in the industry have figured out that flagship products never need to sound better in order to justify higher prices, they just need to ‘look the part’ and ‘be different’ from one another.
A high-performance offering at an accessible price is far overdue.




The ETA Mindset

We don’t pursue the usual dead-end tropes of headphone design. Most manufacturers invest heavily in driver R&D, only to smack their ‘theoretically perfect’ speakers into poorly suited acoustic environments to produce subpar sonic results.


We don’t have to make compromises on sound and design to simplify mass production, which is why every ETA headphone is individually voiced and assembled by hand. We have no shareholders to please or quotas to meet.


Redefining Neutral

We believe that in order for a transducer to be considered truly ‘neutral’, it should be able to play the vast majority of recordings in existence - regardless of genre or mastering process - at 85dB for extended periods of time without listening fatigue nor a feeling that anything is heavily manipulated in the tonal response.


Mastering engineers do not design their music to be painful to listen to at 75dB or lower. How much of what audiophiles deem ‘bad mastering’ is simply an excuse for compromised performance? Calibrated loudspeaker systems meet our qualifications with ease - the same should be true for headphones.


Utility and Elegance

As serial modders, we’re perpetually frustrated by overengineered enclosures that don’t help to elevate sonic performance and are a chore to work on.


All of our offerings feature unibody design and user-accessible assembly. When things break, they should be simple to fix. When the sound isn’t ideal, it should be easy to change. Gone is the era of taking an hour to make a simple modification and generating profit through repairs. Our designs are modular, simple, durable, and unique.


Priced for Accessibility

Unlike most manufacturers who stretch margins to be ‘as much as someone will pay’, we advocate for the opposite, charging as little as we can to keep the doors open and put food on the table. Music - both on the listening and producing end -  ought to be accessible to everyone without compromising on quality.

In a perfect world, we would give our headphones away for free.