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​“I’m thinking of getting an ETA headphone… should I get the Mini Closed, the Mini Semi or the O²?”

We like to think there are no wrong choices within our lineup. The Mini C and Mini S do in fact share more than they have different from one another both in terms of sound and physical design. The best choice between them depends solely on your isolation and utility needs. If neither of those things are concerns, O² is our flagship offering for home use.

Why should I choose Mini Semi?

If you primarily use headphones in fairly quiet environments where leakage and isolation are only mild concerns, go for Mini-S. The extra airflow of the Semi gives it a sense of ease, spaciousness, and sweetness compared to the more technical Closed.

Why should I choose Mini Closed?

If you need more isolation and leakage control, go with Mini-C, it’s as simple as that. The Mini-C has the lowest distortion and widest bandwidth of any ETA design to date, and there are endless aftermarket pad options to tune the sound and comfort to your taste (even though we stand by the stock earpad as the best-optimized config).​

Why should I choose O²?

Many listeners swear by the sense of clarity and immediacy a supra-aural design can offer due to the lack of complex frontwave interactions and reflections typical of over ear designs. After considering community feedback from the original Mini O design regarding sonics and comfort (along with implementing new advances we've achieved in multimaterial construction), we are confident O² gives a wholly satisfying listening experience with a playful and addictive sound. Being our most acoustically open headphone to date, O² is best enjoyed in home environments where isolation and leakage are not concerns. 

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