ETA Mini - a minimalist supra-aural design featuring drivers at the cutting edge of material science with graphene diaphragms and flexing surrounds. Strongest-available N52 neodymium magnets and CCAW voice coils in an aluminum casing for unmatched scaling. Chassis printed using highly durable carbon fiber filament.


The 300 ohm variant uses individual dots on the rear vents with drivers directly recycled from Genesis production. The 32 ohm version uses a single larger filter piece that matches the acoustic impedance of the dots to achieve the same sonic target with a more polished look


Disclaimer: Due to the additive manufacuring process, Mini shells may have minor cosmetic quirks that do not affect performance and are nearly invisible when fully assembled.


Read more about Mini's Design here.

  • Accessories

    Every Mini ships with three types of OEM earpads to tailor the sound to your preference. You will additionally be emailed a digital frequency response reading for your specific Mini unit.


    An OEM foldable headband similar to that used on the MDR7506 is also included. Mini can additionally be used with a correctly sized Grado headband as well.

    Any dual-entry 3.5mm cable will work with Mini - including cables made for Focal Clear and many HiFiMan models. Cables for Sony and Beyerdynamic headphones are not suitable due to their different pinout.

  • Specifications

    Magnet: NdFeB Neodymium N52 (~1.48T)

    Voice Coil: Copper Clad Alumium

    Impedance: 32 ohms ; 300 ohms

    Sensitivity: 100dB/mW

    Diaphragm: 50mm ; Graphene with Polyurethane Surround

    Chassis: 30% Carbon Fiber Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol

    Wiring: Copper

    Connector: Dual-Entry 3.5mm