Mini Closed

Mini Closed

Mini Closed is our latest affordable closed back over ear headphone design. Offering isolation in a focused and controlled tunning. 

Disclaimer: Due to the additive manufacuring process, Mini shells may have minor cosmetic quirks that do not affect performance and are nearly invisible when fully assembled.

  • Accessories

    Mini Closed features sheepskin leather earpads.

    An OEM foldable headband similar to that used on the MDR7506 is also included. Mini can additionally be used with a correctly sized Grado headband as well.

    Any dual-entry 3.5mm cable will work with Mini - including cables made for Focal Clear and many HiFiMan models. Cables for Sony and Beyerdynamic headphones are not suitable due to their different pinout.

  • Specifications

    Magnet: NdFeB Neodymium N52 (~1.48T)

    Voice Coil: Copper Clad Alumium

    Impedance: 32 ohms

    Sensitivity: 100dB/mW

    Diaphragm: 50mm ; Graphene with Polyurethane SurroundChassis: 30% Carbon Fiber Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol
    Wiring: Copper

    Connector: Dual-Entry 3.5mm

$400.00 Regular Price
$375.00Sale Price